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Indian legend Tendulkar faces criticism cricketer Arshdeep Singh, a Sikh

The legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar urged Indians to prevent “personal attacks” in sports after a national team Sikh player received a barrage of internet criticism after missing a catch during a match against Pakistan.

Arshdeep Singh received a lot of criticism after dropping an easy catch during a vital stretch of the Asia Cup match on Sunday. The majority of the criticism was directed at him for being a member of India’s Sikh minority.

Twitter users accused him of having ties to Pakistan, and his Wikipedia entry momentarily underwent modification to associate him with the Khalistan Sikh freedom movement.

Additionally, he received a lot of tweets of support.The greatest run scorer in history and current idol in India, Tendulkar, a former player, tweeted yesterday that “athletes representing the country give their best and play for the nation always.”

“They require our ongoing support, and never forget that sports involve both wins and losses. Let’s refrain from making personal remarks on cricket or any other sport, he wrote.Singh, 23, was also tagged by 49-year-old Tendulkar, a member of India’s Hindu majority, who advised him to “keep working hard.”

Cricket players from the religious minorities in India, which has a Hindu majority, have experienced such assaults before.After India lost to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup last year, Muslim player Mohammed Shami came under attack.

Following losses to Pakistan and Sri Lanka yesterday in Dubai, India’s chances of making the Sunday Asia Cup final are all but gone.Pakistan will eliminate India and take on Sri Lanka in the Sunday championship game if they defeat Afghanistan later today.