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Indian man has been residing atop an 80-foot tree since having an argument with his wife.

According to India Today, a guy in Uttar Pradesh, India, who is tired of his wife’s “abuse” and “nagging,” decided to live on an 80-foot-tall palm tree.

After numerous arguments with his wife over the previous six months, Ram Pravesh, 42, has been residing on a tree for a month.

He made the decision to stay on the tree because he was angered by her behaviour. His family provides for him by hanging food and water on a nearby tree for him to fetch. \

Ram reportedly descends from the tree at night to urinate before climbing back up, according to several villagers.Villagers repeatedly asked him to come down, but he refused, so they called the police. The officials attempted to talk to the irate man, but he refused, so they took a video of him and left.

The village chief claimed that Ram’s conduct worried the villagers since he was violating their privacy.From the top of the tree, “he keeps watching what others are doing in their houses,” the witness stated.

He claimed that other ladies had complained to him about the problem, and that’s why the police were involved.