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Indian man ranked tenth in the world for having the rarest blood type

According to India Times, doctors in India have discovered the first known case of the world’s rarest blood group in a guy from Gujarat.A 65-year-old cardiac patient has a rare blood type known as EMM negative blood type, which cannot be classified under the A, B, O, or AB categories.

Only nine other persons on the planet share my blood type. Such people are unable to give or receive blood from anyone.The Gujarati man is the tenth person whose blood has been found to be EMM negative. He had experienced cardiac arrest and was receiving care.

The patient required blood for heart surgery, according to Sanmukh Joshi, a physician at Samarpan Blood Donation Center.A sample was sent to America for analysis after his blood type was never discovered in the labs or blood banks.The findings showed that the rarest blood group had been discovered for the first time ever in India.