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Iran puts up cams in public places to find and punish women who are not covered.

In an effort to stop a growing number of women from breaking the mandatory dress code, Iranian authorities are putting up cameras in public places and main streets to catch and punish women who are not covered. The police stated this on Saturday.

Police said in a statement that people who break the law will be sent “text messages warning them of the consequences” after they have been found.

The move is meant to “stop resistance against the hijab law,” according to a statement shared by the judiciary’s Mizan news agency and other state media. The statement also said that resistance hurts the spiritual image of the country and spreads fear.

Since a 22-year-old Kurdish woman died in the hands of the morality police last September, more and more Iranian women have taken off their veils. Mahsa Amini was in jail because she was accused of breaking the hijab rule. The revolt was put down by force by the security forces.

Still, women are often seen without their headscarves in malls, restaurants, shops, and streets across the country, even though doing so could get them arrested. Videos of women not wearing veils and fighting back against the morality police are all over social media.

In a statement released on Saturday, the police asked shop owners to “carefully inspect for the observance of social norms.”

After the 1979 revolution in Iran, the Islamic Sharia law said that women had to cover their hair and wear long, open clothes to hide their bodies. People who broke the rules have been shamed in public, given fines, or been arrested.

In a statement from the Interior Ministry on March 30, the veil was called “one of the cultural foundations of the Iranian nation” and “one of the practical principles of the Islamic Republic.” The statement also said that there would be no going back on the issue.

It told people to talk to uncovered women. In the past few decades, these kinds of orders have given hardliners the courage to attack women. A video that went popular last week showed a man throwing yogurt at two women who were not wearing clothes in a store.