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Is Kylie Jenner a PML-N supporter?

Kylie Jenner, a famous American model and businesswoman, is going viral in Pakistan for the funniest reason. She recently went to a fashion show wearing a huge fake lion head, and Twitter users immediately started calling her the “brand ambassador” for the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N).

At the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 show, the well-known fashionista wore the dress that turned heads.

She wore a sleek black one-shoulder dress to the event. On her right shoulder, her dress had a huge, very real-looking lion’s head.

As soon as the American model wore the unusual outfit to the event, her photos and videos went viral on social media for different reasons, and people made funny comments and memes about her.

People in Pakistan couldn’t help but think of politics when they saw the huge lion’s head. Several people said on Twitter that the makeup guru’s outfit said a lot about how she felt about the PML-N.

When one person posted, “So this is how I find out Kylie Jenner is a PML-N supporter? “, she said what everyone else was thinking.

Another person shared a clever meme in which Jenner was photo-shopped into a PML-N poster. She wrote in the post’s caption, “Kylie Jenner backs PMLN.”

A third prankster sent the leader of the PML-N a picture of Kylie Jenner at the event with the caption, “Kylie Jenner has joined the PML-N, and the PDM should be grateful. The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) deserves congratulations.