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Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Dr Atique Ur Rehman

Another 128 people, mostly women and children were killed in Israeli strikes overnight on 5 February in Gaza. Israeli bombardments had continued across the centre and southern end of coastal territory, including near hospitals.
A UN report said that One million children need psychiatric treatment. Since start of war in last four months, 11500 Gaza Children have been Killed. Another 17,000 children have been left unaccompanied.
Long queues of children are seen in central Gaza to collect food for themselves.
It is most horrific genocide in human history. Western media discrimination further add to the human misery. Western news outlets have been publishing unsubstantiated claims and one sided story to justify Israel’s aggression against children and women.
Israel-Gaza war is expanding cautiously.
The Houthis in Yemen have been targeting commercial vessels in the Red Sea since November, in response to the war in Gaza. The cargo vessels in red sea were re-routed.
In another development three US soldiers were killed in Jordan. US accused Iran and said the drone used to attack US base was Iranian-made.
US, with help from the UK, also launched air strikes against Houthi targets in 13 places across Yemen on Saturday, in an attempt to stop the group’s attacks on international shipping. US also struck hideouts in Syria and Iran terming it Iranian supported terrorists locations.
The US is planning more steps in its response to the attack in Jordan which killed three US troops a week ago, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said. He added that Friday’s strikes on Iran-backed targets in Iraq and Syria were just “the beginning” of the US response and declines to rule out direct military strikes on Iran itself.
Iran, however, has denied accusations of its involvement in attack on a US base. . The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an Iran-backed militia, claimed responsibility.
Iran is in the middle of brewing
storm in middle east. Iran last week had an exchange of missile strikes with Pakistan. Iran fired two missiles in Pakistan’s territory killing a child. Pakistan responded through a missile strike killing 9 terrorists inside Iran’s territory. Later foreign minister of Iran visited Pakistan to cool down the issue.
There is no let up in Genocide in Gaza by Israel. But few developments on within and periphery of middle eastern countries in and around Iran are serious threat to regional peace. Pakistan is inching closer to next general election, to be held on 8 February. Pakistan is finally getting closer to political stability which was needed since long for economic stability of the country. Meanwhile a fresh spate of terrorism has surfaced to stop elections but, it looks that terrorism is on the verge of defeat. Formation of new government amid terrorism and allegations of discrimination will be a huge success by interim government.