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James Hong, the star of “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once,” is 94 years old. At the SAG Awards, he won hearts with a funny and brave speech.

Michelle Yeoh introduced her co-star, James Hong, and said that he has been acting since there were only “49 states.” James Hong just turned 94.

She told everyone, “It has taken him 69 years to get to this point. James Hong is our father, our friend, and our Gong-Gong.”

According to Daily Mail, James Hong started his speech by saying that he got his SAG card “70 years ago” and that his “first movie was with Clark Gable.”

James Hong, the 94-year-old star of the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, wins hearts with a funny and brave speech at the SAG Awards.
Blade Runner reminded people that “back in those days,” “the leading role was played by [white] guys with their eyes taped up, because the producers thought Asians weren’t good enough.”

“And they didn’t do well at the movies. But now look at us!” The star of Golden Child liked it, which made the crowd roar with applause.

Hong then made a joke about how “a good Asian name” Jamie Lee had.

A standing ovation was also given to the actor for his speech.

People on Twitter liked how Hong “roasted Hollywood” and was “loose, funny, unhurried, and profane” because there was “no orchestra threatening to play him off.”