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Jemima Goldsmith shares her two cents on arranged marriages

Jemima Goldsmith recently said that she wished she had had an arranged marriage because it would have saved her “a lot of heartache and headaches”

According to Independent, Jemima, who is in Australia promoting her new romantic comedy What’s Love Got To Do With It?, said that when she lived in Pakistan with her ex-husband Imran Khan, she saw “a number of arranged marriages work out well.”

Jemima married a politician in 1995, and they got a divorce in 2004. She said, “Frankly, arranged marriage could have saved me a lot of heartache and headaches if someone had just taken care of it for me.”

Jemima had said before that when she lived with Imran’s family in Pakistan, she got to see “arranged marriages up close.”

“Some of them were surprised me with how happy and successful they were, given what I knew about them,” she said.

Jemima said, “There are a lot of good things about simmering before boiling.”