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Journalist from Afghanistan fights for female “heroes” from exile

Fawzia Saidzada, an Afghan journalist and advocate for women’s rights, ultimately made the decision to leave when the Taliban arrived to take her and her brother into custody in October.

After telling the Taliban that she would inform other journalists and activists—something she never did—the 30-year-old was able to escape the next day. For 15 days, her sibling was detained.

Saidzada, who is responsible for parenting her 13-year-old son alone, stated, “When the Taliban came to power, we resolved to fight against the Taliban. The phrase “either freedom or death” was our motto.

However, the incident reminded her that she would need to continue fighting for the rights of foreign girls and women. Along with her son, mother, two brothers, and one of the brothers’ families, she landed in Berlin six weeks ago.

She told Reuters TV, “Afghan women are heroes. Afghan women are strong, brave fighters who have endured conflict for the past forty years without giving up.Since US President Joe Biden ordered the evacuation of the US-led military that had supported the Kabul government for decades, Saidzada is one of the thousands of Afghans who have made their home in Germany.

After waging a 20-year war that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people, the Taliban quickly seized power. They have since restricted the rights of women and girls.Saidzada was a role model for the new liberated women of Afghanistan up until the fall of Kabul. She first studied law, then journalism, before going on to serve as a journalist, commentator, and head of a human rights organisation.

The Taliban is allegedly suppressing dissent by detaining journalists, activists, and protestors, according to the UN mission in Afghanistan.The Taliban regime, whose top officials are among those wanted by the US for alleged ties to terrorism, has claimed to uphold human rights and promised to look into any alleged abuses.

Saidzada stated while in Germany that she intends to create an assistance organisation, particularly for Afghan youth, and that she stays in touch with human rights advocates, female activists, and former soldiers in her native nation. She also intends to complete her international relations master’s degree.

However, she asserts that the battle will be drawn out because the Taliban have recruited fighters from all over the world to Afghanistan and forced professional journalists, lawyers, and medical professionals out of their positions.

Saidzada has harsh words of rebuke for a country that, in alliance with the United States, initially promised to save Afghanistan and then abandoned it, even as she rushes to learn German and adjust. She stated that she would like to speak before the German parliament one day.”Why did you abandon us?” Saidzada promised to consult with parliamentarians.