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Judd Apatow says in a joke that he “can” watch his daughter Maude’s movie “Euphoria” without getting “traumatised.”

Even though Euphoria has some sexually suggestive scenes, Judd Apatow gave it his funny stamp of approval.

On Saturday, February 18, Apatow was in Beverly Hills, California, to host the Directors Guild of America Awards. He told People that he likes to watch Euphoria.

“I can do that. I love it. Because I’ve read the scripts, I’m not traumatised, “the father, who was 55, said.

Leslie Mann and Apatow have two daughters together, Maude, 25, and Iris, 20. Apatow gave his daughters some advice: “Just do things you’re really interested in. Don’t work just because you have to. Do things that are important to you.”

On HBO, Muade plays Lexi Howard, a 16-year-old high school student.