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K-pop star Moonbin’s funeral procession and burial place will be kept secret.

Moonbin from the K-pop group ASTRO will not be buried in a public place or have a public wake. His agent, Fantagio, said in a statement on April 21 that the family wanted to be left alone.

“Fantagio, this is it.

On April 22, Moonbin’s funeral will take place.

As was already said, the funeral procession and burial spot will not be made public, as that is what the family of the person who died wants.

Again, we ask reporters to be patient so that the ASTRO members and the deceased’s family can give him a beautiful send-off on his last trip.

Also, we want to thank everyone who sent their deepest regrets.”

In a statement, the agency had asked fans to give the family space so they could have his funeral in private without being bothered.