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‘Kia bachon ko bhooka mardon?’: A heartbreaking video of a Karachi mother goes viral.

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail responded on Tuesday to a viral video of a Karachi mother making an emotional plea to the government despite the country’s record inflation.

Capital Talk show presenter Hamid Mir shared the footage with the finance minister, who explained that the government did not raise power tariffs or put new levies on pharmaceuticals in June.

The woman had complained about being unable to make ends meet due to rising inflation, high power rates, and expensive medicines.

While expressing solidarity with the woman, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail stated that he understands the challenges she and the majority of Pakistanis experience, but that this is due to the previous government’s policies.

“We did not raise power tariffs in June, and the coalition government did not impose any new levies on medications, which are now being repealed.”

Miftah Ismail, defending the government’s severe actions, stated that if this had not been the case, Pakistan would have defaulted like Sri Lanka. unable to purchase medications for her epileptic son