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Kim Kardashian creates iconic Tik Tok with daughter North West

Kim K. and North West made a Tik Tok video together and uploaded it to their joint account on Monday.

It showed North in front of the camera, wearing no makeup, lip-syncing to Lincoln’s Saint Bernard.

Mom Kim Kardashian made a cameo appearance in the video her daughter, North, helped make.

The young girl, aged 9, can be heard singing along to the song before she covers the phone’s display with her hand and reappears with red lipstick and blush smeared across her brows, cheeks, and lips.

Kim is also present, standing behind North while looking absolutely stunning in a black jacket and flawless makeup.

To begin the video, North did not wear any cosmetics.

Soon after, they sped up a popular Eminem song on Tik Tok, lip syncing to the refrain, “I don’t understand, why are you being so mean.”

Kim began the video by singing passionately along with the line “I don’t know understand, why are you being so mean.”

The video then cuts to North, who takes over singing the song’s second half.

Kim wore a jacket and her long brunette hair was down and wavy, and she looked absolutely stunning.

The SKIMS founder’s youngest daughter, Chicago, turned one the day after this TikTok video was uploaded.

On January 13, 2023, Chicago turned five years old, and her mother, a 42-year-old socialite, threw a Hello-Kitty-themed party to honour the occasion.