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King Charles honours Prince Andrew with latest move

King Charles III and his three siblings stood guard around their mother Queen Elizabeth II´s coffin on Friday in solemn vigil honouring Britain´s longest-serving monarch.

The new king, Princess Anne, and Princes Andrew and Edward mounted the guard in silence around her flag-shrouded casket as members of the public, who had queued for hours, continued to file past.

The “Vigil of the Princes”, with the royals all in ceremonial naval uniform, formed an emotionally-charged moment in London´s mediaeval Westminster Hall, where Queen Elizabeth´s coffin is lying in state ahead of Monday´s funeral.

Her children stood with their heads bowed for 12 minutes as other members of the royal family including Queen Consort Camilla watched on and the public paid their own last respects.

According to AFP, Andrew — stripped this year of his royal titles over assault scandal — was allowed to wear military uniform for the only time during the 11-day mourning period.

The Duke of York, as he is also known, flew Royal Navy helicopters during the 1982 Falklands War with Argentina.

Prince Harry, who served two tours with the British army in Afghanistan — has reportedly also been given special permission to wear his military uniform despite no longer being a working royal.