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King Charles III has been accused of ridiculing Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Christina Oxenberg, King Charles III’s cousin, has attacked the new monarch for his “habitual bullying” of both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.Christina said to The New York Post that the Royal family members are “tough as nails” and manage to stick around.

“I say to Meghan Markle, ‘What you’re going through is a horrific type of hazing,'” she told the publication. “If she can just hang in there, someone else who can handle the heat will come along.” Nobody is exempt.”

Christina claimed that when Catherine, Princess of Wales, married Prince William, she was subjected to the same mockery.”She was treated the same way Meghan was handled — with mockery and disrespect,” she said.

“We used to make fun of her for referring to the royals as ‘wonderful cousins.'”[The hazing] was done out of habit rather than animosity and violent plotting. “I was present.”

Commenting on how the British royal family may be cruel when one of its members introduces a partner.”They are brutal, especially on outsiders.” It’s not your skin colour; it’s your status as a foreigner “She stated.

“She is Harry’s choice of wife,” Oxenberg remarked. According to its own standards, it is a class system. They devised that system, under which you must respect Harry’s decision.