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Man sues woman for $3 million for ‘friend-zoning’ him

According to the Strait Times, a Singaporean man sued the person he was interested in for “friend-zoning” him.

After learning that Nora Tan only saw him as a friend, a man named K Kawshigan is suing her for $3 million for “mental damage.”

They first met in 2016, and as time went on, they became friends. Even though Kawshigan felt love for Tan, Tan always thought of their relationship as one of friendship.

The problem started in September 2020, when Tan said that Kawshigan was only her friend, but she was his “closest friend.”

Kawshigan decided to put off suing Tan for emotional damage until she agreed to go to counselling with him.

Tan told the man that the procedure made her feel “really uncomfortable.” Kawshigan didn’t like it, so he said that he would hurt Tan’s personal and professional lives “forever” if she didn’t do what he asked.

Even after more than a year and a half of therapy, Kawshigan couldn’t figure out why Tan didn’t want to date him.

After she broke up with him, he sued her twice. In magistrate’s court, he asked for $22,000 because he said she broke a promise to try to fix their relationship. In the high court, he asked for $3 million because he said she hurt his “brilliant reputation” and caused him “trauma, depression, and effects” in his life.