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Man uses a tawa to kill his wife after serving the meal late

Another horrific incident of violence against women resulted in the murder of the victim’s wife for being late with meal delivery.The tragic occurrence, according to Indian media sites, occurred in the Noida neighbourhood of Uttar Pradesh last week, and the police have detained the culprit, Anuj Kumar.

According to the police, the individual was a rickshaw driver. Last Monday after work, he discovered that supper had not yet been prepared, which led to a fight with his deceased wife Khushboo.As a response, the husband grabbed a tawa and struck his wife in the head, instantly killing her.

After neighbours phoned the police, they arrived at the scene of the event. A police report states that an investigation has also been opened as a result of the suspect’s arrest.The couple had relocated from Bihar to Noida for employment, according to the police, and had been residing there for the last five years.