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My Conclusions-#SocialMedia World

1.Charging of mobile and availability of Wi-Fi is first priority of humans on this planet earth. Food comes next.

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2.#Humans are suffering from acute #narcism. Selfies have become a second nature
3.A toy was always needed to tie humans on their bed/chair. Problem is how to snatch this toy (Cellphone) to get them back on road.
4.Ever body has an #opinion
5.We all want to #influence other humans, I do not know why
6.It has just been discovered that humans can fight an argument for hours and hours and then start again next morning from where they ended without reaching any conclusion

7.Only a very person busy in conference or presentation can resist to stay away from cellphone for few minutes yet having an occasional look on it, just to ensure that he/she has not missed anything
8.If we do not receive any text/ post for some hours, we get frustrated to conclude that ‘ world is ignoring us’
9.It has become almost essential to inform #global audience about your personal success and loss.
10.Air Journey remains incomplete unless, you inform your loved ones about take off and landing.
11.Never knew humans want to share their personal life stories so eagerly
12.Most of posts are forwarded without viewing / reading himself/ herself
13.People are so flawless, gentle, well read and void of bad habits on social media that one starts feeling guilty
14.Like ocean, social media has enough of depth to drown any human provided mobile battery is fully charged
Atique Ur Rehman