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Netflix responds to the news that Korean actor Yoo Ah In used drugs.

Netflix, a global streaming service, has said something about the actor Yoo Ah In’s positive drug test results. Several of their upcoming projects will have him in the main role.

Recently, the Seoul Metropolitan Police said that the actor was suspected of using the drug Propofol illegally. The actor had to give a urine sample and a hair sample. The urine sample showed signs of marijuana use. Soon after, the actor’s use of Propofol was confirmed by the results of the hair sample.

Multiple doctor’s offices and clinics were also searched and seized by the police to find out where the actor had been getting the drugs since 2021.

Netflix said in a statement to Xsports News about the upcoming projects with Yoo Ah In:

“We’re talking to the people in charge of the project about what’s going on.”