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Nora Fatehi is exonerated in the INR 200 billion fraud

Actress Nora Fatehi receives a clean bill of health in the INR 200 crore money laundering fraud; according to the police, she had no knowledge of conman Suresh Chandrashekhar.

According to the actor’s team, the Delhi Police claimed that Fatehi had no involvement in the case involving con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar and had no knowledge of the criminal organisation.

One of EOW’s spokespersons made the following remarks, according to Nora’s team: “Nora was unaware of the con artist or the organised crime group. She brought it up with us as soon as she recognised anything was off. We will move the probe forward in light of Nora’s actions. We will reach a final determination after taking into account all of the statements, circumstances, and evidence.”

The actor was interviewed by Delhi police over Sukesh’s extortion case earlier on Thursday. The interview lasted six hours. The actress sent screenshots of the discussions along with all the proof she could find.

Sukesh Chanrashekhar’s wife invited Nora to a party and instructed her not to charge a fee because they would be giving her a car as a gift instead. Sukesh’s constant calls to Nora gave her the creeps, and she grew suspicious. So she stopped him.According to IndiaToday, Suresh Chandrashekhar allegedly gave Nora Fatehi’s brother-in-law a BMW for INR 65 lakh as a gift.