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Nuclear defense keeps the power balance: Alvi

ISLAMABAD: On Sunday, when the country celebrated the 25th anniversary of Youm-i-Takbeer, the president, prime minister, and armed forces paid a lot of respect to the scientists, engineers, and political and military leaders of the time for achieving nuclear capability, which was a very impressive task.

Youm-i-Takbeer is celebrated on May 28 to remember Pakistan’s important nuclear tests in 1998.

In his message, President Dr. Arif Alvi said that 25 years ago on this day, in response to India’s nuclear tests, Pakistan did tests that were successful and were needed to keep the balance of power in the area.

The president said, “We must give our political and military leaders a lot of credit for making the smart decision at the time to get nuclear weapons, making the country’s defense impossible to attack.”

He said that on this day, the whole country honored the work of their famous engineers and scientists, who helped Pakistan become a nuclear power in a short amount of time. He also said that everyone in the country owed a debt to everyone who helped make Pakistan the first Islamic nuclear power.

Scientists, engineers, and leaders are praised by the prime minister and the military forces.

The president also said, “On this day, let’s promise to make Pakistan a stronger country by investing in our people’s intellectual growth and making our cyber security stronger to protect ourselves.”

Journey that was both amazing and hard

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that Youm-i-Takbeer was more than just a day; it was a story about the difficult and amazing trip the country took to set up credible minimum deterrence.

On his Twitter account, the prime minister said that on that day, Pakistan set a red line for its defense and made rules for peace and stability in the area.

In a tweet, he said, “On the Silver Jubilee of Youm-i-Takbeer, I pay rich tributes to the political and military leadership, scientists, engineers, and everyone else who stayed involved with our nuclear program.”

The prime minister also said that the people’s hard work, commitment, and determination made it possible for them to protect their freedom from any physical danger. “The day shows how all the parts of national power came together to do something that once seemed impossible,” he said.

“Shaheed Zulifkar Ali Bhutto was a leader with a lot of vision, and he started the nuclear program. In a brave show of leadership, my leader Mian Nawaz Sharif refused the policy of “sticks and carrots” and made sure that the country became nuclear.

“In spite of the bad intentions of our enemies, our armed forces have always been there to protect and watch over the program,” he said.

Credible minimum punishment

The military also paid a lot of respect to the smart people who came up with the idea and made realistic minimum nuclear deterrence happen, even though it was hard. “The military wants to thank the scientists and engineers who made the impossible possible. In a message from Inter-Services Public Relations, they said, “Long Live Pakistan.”

It said that the whole country enjoyed the 25th anniversary of Youm-i-Takbeer and remembered how great it was to set up Credible Minimum Deterrence. “This success has changed the way power works in our region,” it said.