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Pakistan is charged by the Taliban with enabling US drones to utilise its skies.

On Sunday, the Taliban’s acting defence minister alleged that Pakistan had permitted American drones to enter its airspace in order to access Afghanistan. Pakistan has now disputed this accusation in the wake of a US airstrike on Kabul.

At a press briefing in Kabul, acting defence minister Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob informed the media that American drones have been infiltrating Afghanistan through Pakistan.

According to our intelligence, drones are flying into Afghanistan from Pakistan and using its airspace. We request Pakistan not to utilise its airspace against us.

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by Pakistan’s foreign ministry.

The United States claims it carried out a drone operation in Kabul in July that killed al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Pakistani authorities have denied any involvement or prior knowledge of this claim.

At a time when the Afghan Taliban are serving as a mediator in negotiations between Pakistan and a militant organisation affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban, Yaqoob’s remarks could increase tension between the two neighbouring countries.

Due to its economic woes, Afghanistan also largely relies on trade with Pakistan.The Al Qaeda leader’s body has not been discovered, according to the Taliban, who claimed they are looking into the July airstrike.