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Pakistan Railways has made plans for Eid ul Fitr special trains.

As Eid ul Fitr gets closer, the Pakistan Railways announced on Wednesday that they will run five special trains to help people move within the country to spend the holiday with their families.

The trains will run on April 18, which is next week. This is a few days before Eid.

On April 18, the first train will start going from Karachi to Peshawar Cantt and the second train will go from Quetta to Rawalpindi.

The fourth train will go from Rawalpindi to Quetta on April 26. The third train will go from Karachi to Lahore on April 19.

On April 27, the fifth and final train from Kolhaur to Karachi will leave.

The religious affairs ministry said that the date of Eid ul Fitr will be set after the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee meets on April 20 to look at the new moon for Shawwal, the tenth month of the Islamic calendar.

Based on the fact that Ramadan started on March 23, Eid ul Fitr is likely to happen on April 21 or 22.