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PASHA works with a law company to offer legal services to its members at lower prices.

PASHA, which stands for Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and IT-enabled services field, has announced a new partnership that will help its members.

In a post on LinkedIn, PASHA said that it had teamed up with Jamil & Jamil, a well-known tech law company, to offer its members discounted legal advice.

The group would also offer a free assessment just once.

On LinkedIn, the Pakistan IT Industry Association (P@SHA) says: #law #discounts #tech

In 1992, a group of software and IT companies came together to form PASHA. They wanted to make a trade group that would help the business.

The website of the group says that it now has more than 600 members. Since it started, the association has grown to include BPO companies, call centers, animation companies, gaming companies, consulting companies, system developers, and startups.

During this time, PASHA has worked with the government to make sure that a positive environment is made and that IT companies are given incentives. It also puts on workshops, conferences, and trainings on a regular basis to help the field grow.

Aside from this, it also supports career events and salary services, sends trade delegations to international exhibitions and takes part in them, and gives its members chances to meet each other.

A barrister at the law firm, Zahid Jamil, has more than 30 years of experience giving legal and policy advice on information technology, e-commerce, electronic data interchange, telematic data interchange, software development, the internet and intranet, patents and trademarks, and contractual and evidential issues.

The firm’s website says that he was the main person who wrote the Electronic Transactions Act of 2002. At the moment, he is working on cybercrime laws, electronic banking laws, telecommunication and convergence laws, and anti-trust laws for the IT industry.

Zafar is the head of the ICC Pakistan e-Business, IT, and Telecoms Commission and the vice-head of the law group at the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business.