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‘Pathaan’: Producers Guild of India thanks state govts for peaceful release of film

Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback movie, Pathaan, has been getting good reviews and has broken box office records.

The Producers Guild of India has now put out an official statement to thank all of India’s state governments for letting Pathaan come out without any problems.

The statement said, “The Producers Guild of India is very grateful to all the state governments for keeping law and order and making sure that the historic hit movie Pathaan could be shown in India without any trouble.”

They also said, “Guild of India thanks all state governments for making sure that the release of the historic hit movie Pathaan went smoothly in all of India! The Hindi film industry and the larger group of people who make content for TV and streaming services are made up of tens of thousands of hardworking people.

“Pathaan’s success gives us hope and makes us think that love has the power to win over everything. All of you are with us in this moment of victory. You made this happen, so thank you. Thank you for making it possible for history to be made in India. #SeeYouAtTheMovies.” India’s Producers Guild went on.

Even though some extreme Hindus tried to stop the movie from coming out on the first day, it broke records at the box office and Pathaan didn’t have to deal with any major problems.