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PCB to bring up altercation between fans during Pakistan vs. Afghanistan game with ICC

According to sources, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is aware of the unfortunate incident that took place after Pakistan defeated Afghanistan in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup.

Video of the altercation between Afghani and Pakistani spectators on Wednesday shows the former assaulting the latter in retaliation for the Afghan team’s defeat, which eliminated them from the competition.

Pakistan defeated Afghanistan by one wicket in a thrilling match during the Super Four stage of the competition to get to the final.a result of the outcome, angry Afghan fans attacked Pakistani fans in the stands with seats.According to sources, the Pakistani board has chosen to bring up the issue with the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The PCB will document its objections to the assault on Pakistani supporters by Afghan fans.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities had issued a warning that spectators who broke the regulations after the match would face punishment before PCB was made aware of it.

According to the authorities, spectators will be strictly watched, and any property damage or injuries to other spectators will be dealt with harshly.They stated that spectators should adhere to the laws and that sportsmanship is expected of everyone, even spectators.