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“People might be able to talk to their loved ones who have died.”

Have you ever wished you could talk to a friend or family member who has died? If so, the New York Post said it may now be possible with the help of your computer.

A computer scientist in Silicon Valley named Dr. Pratik Desai has said that by the end of this year, a person’s “consciousness” could be copied to a computer.

“Start regularly recording your parents, elders, and loved ones,” Desai wrote in a Twitter thread that has since gotten 11.3 million views and thousands of replies.

“With enough transcript data, new voice synthesis, and video models, there is a 100% chance that they will live with you forever after they leave their physical body,” Desai said. “This should even be possible by the end of the year.”

If you want to remember your loved one again, you’ll need to save videos, voice recordings, documents, and pictures of that person to your computer.

Once you share them, they will be put together and sent to an AI system that will learn as much as it can about that person.

In fact, a company called Somnium Space has made a “live forever” mode that is run by AI.

Artur Sychov, the company’s founder and CEO, told Vice, “If I die and I have all this data, people or my kids can come in and have a conversation with my avatar, with my movements, and with my voice.”

“You’ll run into that person. And while you were talking to that person for the first 10 minutes, you might not have known that it was actually AI. That’s what we want.”

A company called Deepbrain has made a program that lets users “walk down a memorial hall for a lost loved one” and “have a real conversation” with the person who has died.