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Qatari breaks Guinness world record for most FIFA World Cup games watched.

Hamad Abdulaziz, a football fan from Qatar, has the unique world record for “most matches attended at a single football FIFA World Cup by an individual.” During the Qatar World Cup 2022, he went to 44 of the 64 games.

It’s clear that the 39-year-ability old’s to go to a single FIFA World Cup tournament is the result of careful planning, and it’s unlikely that this will be topped any time soon.

Qatar held the smallest FIFA World Cup ever. All eight venues were within an hour’s drive of the city centre of Doha.

Each day, Qatar hosted four games, with three hours between each match. The Peninsula Qatar said that the trip between Al Janoub in Al Wakrah and Al Bayt in Al Khor, which is 75 km, was the longest one. All of the stadiums were linked by subway and bus lines.

Hamad, who is a coach for the Generation Amazing Foundation, said that when he was a child, he wanted to play in the World Cup.

As the tournament started, he told The Peninsula Qatar, “I found a way to be a part of its success while showing how well everything was organised and how easy it was to get from one stadium to another.”

Hamad talked to Guinness World Records before the competition to make sure he would meet their requirements. He had to have two people attest that he was at every game from start to finish, and the paperwork had to be signed before the game started and at the end.

The person who broke the record said that his brother helped him get from one match to the next by driving him. He said that there were a lot of “close calls” because a person could only watch up to three games a day.

Thanks to his brother, he “was able to break the record, even though there was only an hour between the end of one match and the start of the next.”

It was hard for him to get fans of losing teams to say that he would be there. He said that sometimes the witness would leave before the match was over, leaving him without a signature from the witness. This gave him “endless headaches,” but he quickly figured out that he needed more than three witnesses for each match.

The man was happy to say that most people had been very helpful, like his friends who helped him buy tickets.

In 2017, Hamad joined Generation Amazing, a programme that aims to leave a human and social legacy. He used to work in banking, and Hamad bin Khalifa University gave him a master’s degree in Islamic finance. In 2017, he changed the direction of his work. Hamad is a master coach for the programme, which uses soccer to teach underserved groups important lessons about life.

Hamad feels lucky to be a part of the success of the tournament.

“From helping Generation Amazing reach 1 million beneficiaries to breaking the world record for attending matches, he said he was proud to be a part of the country’s success.”