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Regarding the Pakistan-IMF deal, Gen. Bajwa contacts the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan’s chief of army staff, reportedly spoke with officials in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on Pakistan’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Positive news is anticipated for Pakistan, according to the channel. The lender has conditioned the distribution of the tranche on Pakistan securing the $4 billion financial gap from friendly nations. COAS Bajwa called US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman late last month and pleaded with the US to support Islamabad in securing an early distribution of $1.2 billion in cash under the IMF agreement.
As the economic situation grew worse and the rupee’s value dropped to historic lows, the army chief contacted the Biden administration to request its influence over the IMF.

Since then, though, the local currency has risen after July import statistics and a lender announcement that Pakistan has completed all prerequisite steps necessary to restart the $6 billion loan programme that has been halted for months.

The combined seventh and eighth evaluations had been agreed upon at the staff level between Pakistan and the IMF, but the Executive Board of the Fund will still need to give its final approval later this month.