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Russia-Ukraine War dominates G-20 Summit agenda

New Delhi September 10;
Russia-Ukraine war undermine the main agenda of G20 summit. No common ground could be found for a joint communique. India is pulling issue towards global south while EU nations express concern and are finding it hard to ignore the war.
Inability of participants, leading economies of the world, to find compromise language for a joint communique, underscore how strained relations are among the world’s major powers. It tarnished image Modi who has been trying to cultivate of India as a global problem solver.
So while there will be discussions on the emerging issues as a fallout of the war supply chain security and decoupling, energy security, and food supply — the focus must remain on how to mitigate the fallout rather than debate the geopolitical security aspects of the war.
Russia and China, which has been Moscow’s most important supporter in the war against Ukraine, have rejected draft communiques over a reference to Ukraine that said “most members strongly condemned the war,” the same language they signed off a year ago at the G20 summit in Bali.
The European Union, meanwhile, has said compromise language suggested by India is not strong enough for them to agree to, while the U.K. said that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak planned to press G20 members to take a tougher line against Russia’s invasion.
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised Zelenskyy to keep Ukraine in the discussions, telling him in a video call that the leaders posted on Instagram: “I’m disappointed that you won’t be included but as you know, we will be speaking up strongly for you.”
G20 since its inception has been gripped by geopolitical tensions which has complicated its ability to work effectively.