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Sad Twitter users said goodbye to the blue checkmark with the words “Goodbye legacy verified.”

Twitter users are saying their goodbyes in an emotional way to their old Twitter verified badges, which the microblogging site said it would start taking away on April 1.

Users have been very upset about Elon Musk’s move to charge $8 per month for the blue checkmark (and $11 per month for iOS and Android due to the cost of the app stores).

Before Elon took over the microblogging site, checkmarks were used to confirm that the accounts of people and groups were real, active, and “notable.”

Netizens are now sad about losing their verified accounts, and they are doing so by sharing sad memes on social media.

Musk supports paid blue tick
Elon Musk, meanwhile, defended his controversial pay model for Twitter by saying that any social media site that didn’t follow suit would fail because bots would flood it.

Musk said on the day before Twitter’s April 1 deadline that verified accounts with the prized blue tick that hadn’t paid money would lose it if they hadn’t paid.

Musk said during a question-and-answer session on Twitter, “The main problem is that it’s easy to make literally 10,000 or 100,000 fake Twitter accounts using just one computer at home and modern AI.”

“That’s why we’re really pushing hard on verified, which requires a credit card and a phone number from a reputable phone carrier,” Musk said.

“Any so-called social media network that doesn’t do this, I think, will fail,” Musk said.

Companies, journalists, and famous people who used Twitter as their main way to communicate and depended on the blue tick are now in a tough spot because of the change.

It also brings up the idea that scammers and pranksters might pay for a publicly verified account that is completely fake.