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Salman Khan gets flak for ‘Yentamma’

Some South Indian fans didn’t like how the new song Yentamma from Salman Khan’s future movie Kisi Ki Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan showed their traditional clothing, like veshtis and lungis.

Prashanth Ranagswamy, a well-known Tamil critic, wrote, “What kind of step is this? They refer to veshti as a lungi…putting their hands inside it as part of a crazy move. “The worst.”

Several people also said they didn’t like the song.

“Quite true bro. “If we ask them, they’ll say that we made fun of the southern lungi culture,” one user wrote.

“Someone needs to teach Bollywood what the difference is between a lungi and a veshti. Veshti is an old way to dress. “It’s really annoying to see these kinds of rude dance moves in traditional dress,” said someone else.

“Bollywood is trying so hard to cash in on the popularity of “Telugu” that they still don’t understand that Telugus are not Madrasis. “The clear lack of knowledge is annoying,” said a third.

Also, Ram Charan danced along with Salman and Venkatesh in the song.