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Salman Khan says that OTT services should be censored.

Salman Khan said that filmmakers shouldn’t go too far, and he also said that OTT sites should be censored. He spoke out against the rude language and nakedness that have become standard on digital streaming services.

He explained his point by saying, “I really think the medium should be censored.” (OTT). All of this bad language, showing skin, and swearing should stop. All of them can be watched by kids as young as 15 or 16 years old. Would you be okay with your little girl watching it? I just think that OTT should have its material checked. Content is clean, advertising is good, but no one is watching.”

He also said, “You’ve done it all: making love, kissing, and exposing yourself in scenes.” When you get to your building, the watchman has also seen what you’ve been doing. From a safety point of view, I just don’t think that is right. That’s not necessary… Hindustan is where I live, and I love it, but there are a lot of problems there. Everyone is now in charge of everything. People are now working on making a lot of good and decent material.