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Samantha Ruth Prabhu said there is no wall when asked about the “North vs. South” argument.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has spoken out about the South vs. North debate, just like many other famous people have.

She says that there is no longer a wall between the north and south because people are used to watching movies in different languages.

“There’s no longer a wall between North and South films,” she said. I don’t want to talk about this with anyone. As an actor, I love that I can work in movies that are made in different languages. People now also watch movies in languages other than English.

Prabhu is getting ready for her next movie, Shaakuntalam, which Gunasekhar wrote and will direct. Gunna Teamworks and Dil Raju Productions are putting together the movie.

When talking about the movie, the star of “The Family Man” said, “It’s a love story.” And love is like a universe in itself. Our cultural history is full of things. And this movie’s story is based on one of our oldest books. Aside from the story, the images and special effects in the movie are very good. I’m both excited and a little bit scared. The cost of making the movie is pretty high. But I think people will enjoy the show.”

Indiatoday says that the movie Shaakuntalam will be in theaters on April 14 in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil.