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Sanity and Rationality is Formula for Success

In political parties, leaders and their legacies continue but in case of government institutions people come and go, environment and policies change accordingly. History teaches us to have realistic appraisal of past mistakes for understanding the issue and avoid blunders in future. What political and military leadership decided in the past it was their position. Mistakes of past can not be justified by present leadership. Army’s present leadership keep representative of peoples in highest esteem and have vowed to work in harmony with government to overcome all national issues within constitutional ambit. Army is part and parcel of this country. Our armed forces’ officers and men are best and most essential human resource of Pakistan.
In 2008, PPP and in 2013 Pakistan Muslim League formed governments in the centre respectively. In 2018 PTI formed government and ruled country for three and a half year. All leading three political parties have formed governments one after the other in last sixteen years and yet N-league and PTI locked horns with establishment manipulating public perception against institution. A voter’s perception can not be divorced from its political affiliation. Media and social media has been used for twisting public opinion against Army. Supporters of both parties turned their guns towards military. Voters see world through the prism of their leadership. It is unfair both with voters to be exposed to lies and military as an institution to face consequence of twisted opinion due to lies. Why a soldier standing guard against adversary on Siachin or FATA should be demoralised by own people because of no fault of him. Why a common citizen be misguided by fake stories and conspiracy theories.
Imran Khan got voted out of Parliament, which is constitutional way. Shahbaz Sharif got voted in by parliament, again a constitutional way. Both were constitutional moves yet establishment was put on burner by PTI to get a political milieu.
During last twenty three years Army has been fighting on eastern border at LoC , on western border as well as against terrorists inside the country. Army was also target of Indian and US media propaganda and domestic media. No political support was extended from any political quarter for own troops fighting for defence of the motherland. Only a wrath of blame game. This political behavior demands an introspection of our political direction. Defence of motherland is foremost responsibility of political leadership. Parliament is supreme in the country.
Sane political stance by all political parties will help to develop collective will of the people on national issues facing country today. Our issues are collectives and we have to resolve it collectively. Parliament’s supremacy for the well being of the country and people of Pakistan is solution. Blame game is the way towards destruction, earlier we understand better, it is.