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Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, submits to a drug test after a controversial party video

Following the release of film this week showing her partying with pals, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Friday that she had undergone a drug test and swore she had never used illegal drugs.

Additionally, Marin, 36, said that on the disputed Saturday night, her capacity to carry out her official responsibilities was unaffected, and that if she had been forced to work, she would have left the party.

This week, social media users started sharing videos of Marin having a good time with well-known Finnish influencers and artists. Soon after, both domestic and international media sites published the videos.

At a press conference, Marin stated, “In recent days, there have been pretty serious public charges that I either used narcotics or was present in an environment where they were used.

I have taken a drug test today; the results will be available in approximately a week. Although I believe the demand for a drug test is unreasonable, I did so for my own legal protection and to dispel any lingering questions.

After the videos surfaced, Marin, who took office as the world’s youngest leader of a government in December 2019, received requests to submit to a drug test from both the opposition and members of her ruling coalition.

Leader of the Social Democrats Marin claimed she had never used drugs and had not observed anyone doing so at the event she had attended.

A lot of people have commended Marin for juggling her rigorous profession with an active personal life, while some have criticised her for agreeing to be videotaped despite being assured that the films wouldn’t be made public.

Marin has also come under fire for her excessive partying, which some have claimed could hinder her capacity to act swiftly if an unexpected catastrophe struck Finland at a time when Europe has been rattled by Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

She assured reporters that the Finnish armed forces were well prepared to foresee any military crisis that would harm the nation, adding that she would be informed of any crisis situation before midnight on a Saturday night.

Following the conflict in Ukraine, Finland and neighbouring Sweden have submitted applications to join NATO. Finland and Russia share a lengthy land border.