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Serena Williams dad Richard thinks Will Smith should be allowed to keep his Oscar

Richard Williams, Serena’s father, has spoken out about the Oscars controversy and whether he is disappointed that the drama clouded the reception his biopic, King Richard, received.

The former U.S. tennis coach believes the actor from “Emancipation” deserves to keep his Oscar because of all his hard work.

Williams condemned violence but said he would not hold 2021 biopic sports drama actor Smith accountable for his portrayal of him in the film.

“Telling The Sun, “I think that whatever he [Will] wants to do, that’s what he should do,” Richard added, “People are going to think what they want to think.”

“If he has expressed regret, he is free to handle the situation in whatever way he sees fit. I’m not one to pass judgement,” he continued.

After that, the 80-year-old man went on to say: “The Academy Award he won should also be returned to him. Leave it alone when someone has put in so much effort.

A 10-year ban from the Academy was too much, he said, joking, “just two days, that’s enough, that’s very much.” “I really appreciate him doing so very much so I could never criticise him,” he said.

Further, he clarified that he was not upset that Smith’s controversial behaviour at the ceremony had stolen the spotlight from his own biopic’s success.

He’s done a lot for me and my loved ones. I thought he did a fantastic job; in fact, I thought it was fantastic.

When asked if he’d like to meet Smith, Williams said, “I definitely hope so, yes,” adding that he wanted to personally thank Smith for all of his efforts.

“The only thing I can think to say is hello. And perhaps what I need to do is slap my face,” he continued.