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Shahid Afridi shows us his “biggest prison.”

Shahid Afridi, who used to be the captain of Pakistan’s national team, recently talked about what he thinks is the “biggest prison.”

Afridi shared a photo of himself and his second youngest daughter, Asmara, on Twitter.

The tweet says that a home where there is no peace is the “biggest prison” for a person.

Afridi wrote in the description of the photo he posted, “The biggest prison in the world is a home without peace (Unknown).” “Praise to the Sehri Hour.”

In the shot, Afridi is sitting on his front lawn with his daughter on his lap. Both the father and daughter are looking away from the camera and up at the sky, enjoying what looks like a very nice night.

When the moon and clouds play hide-and-seek, the sky looks beautiful. We can see some beautiful green trees in the picture, which add to the beauty of the whole scene.

The fact that the picture was taken at Sehri time, which is one of the most important times for Muslims, seems to make the night even more beautiful.

Afridi has never been afraid to talk about how much he loves his family. Recently, he posted photos that were not staged from Shaheen Shah Afridi’s birthday party.

The event was marked by the usual cutting of the birthday cake, and the two cricket stars took some cute pictures together that Afridi then posted on social media.