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Shehnaaz Gill, an actress, speaks out against ageism in the entertainment business.

Shehnaaz Gill, a well-known actor, recently said that she had been discriminated against because of her age. She said that she had been turned down for a part because the director said, “Oh, she’s a kid, how can we take her?” Even though she had a lot of ability and experience, she didn’t get the job because she was too old.

Shehnaaz’s story shows how hard it is for young actors and actresses to make a name for themselves in a business where ageism is all too common. She spoke out against age discrimination and emphasised how important it is to give everyone, no matter their age, the same chances.

Shehnaaz said, “I want to tell young actors and actresses to follow their dreams and not let these problems stop them.” “Age should never stop you from getting what you want.”

Shehnaaz’s experience shows how important fairness and equal opportunities are in the entertainment business and how attitudes and practises of those who hire people need to change.