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Shehroze Kashif was set on climbing all 14 peaks over 8,000m by the end of the year.

ISLAMABAD: A new record Shehroze Kashif, a mountain climber from Pakistan, said on Wednesday that he would reach his lofty goal of climbing all 14 peaks over 8,000 meters before the end of the year.

The 21-year-old has already climbed 11 peaks higher than 8,000 meters. On Monday, he and fellow Nepali Naila Kiani and other members of the Seven Summits Treks team climbed Mt. Annapurna 1 (8091 meters) in Nepal’s Gandaki.

“I’ll next try Dhaulagiri (8,167m). But I’m going to take a break for a few weeks. Shehroze told APP by phone from Nepal, “My mother wants me to come back and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr at home.”

“So, I’m going to go back to my country soon. I won’t be able to celebrate Eid with my parents in my country for the first time in four years. I’ll come back to climb Dhaulagiri after Eid.”

Shehroze and Naila were saved from the top of Annapurna a day after climbing it because bad weather made it hard for them to get down.

Shehroze was born on March 11, 2002. On July 27, 2021, he became the youngest climber in the world to reach the top of K2.

He also reached the top of Mount Everest on May 11, 2021, when he was the youngest Pakistani to do so.

After he reached the top of Mount Everest, the Sports Board of Punjab made him the young ambassador of Punjab. He reached the top of Broad Peak when he was 17. After that, people called him “The Broad Boy.”

At age 11, he climbed his first peak, Makra Peak. He then climbed Musa ka Musalla and Chembra Peak when he was 12, Mingli Sar in Shimshal when he was 13, Khurdopin Pass when he was 15, and Khosar Gang in alpine style when he was 18.

Shehroze is the youngest person to climb K2 and the youngest person to climb Broad Peak. This makes her the holder of two Guinness World Records.

On May 5, 2022, he was the youngest person in the world and the first Pakistani to reach the top of Kangchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world.

On May 16, 2022, he reached the top of Mount Lhotse (8,516m), the fourth-highest peak in the world. Shehroze was honored by Guinness World Records on November 1, 2022, for climbing Mount Everest and K2 in 2023.

Shehroze and Fazal Ali were last seen between Camp 4 and Camp 3 in July 2022, after they had reached the top of Nanga Parbat. But the two of them were found soon after.

Shehroze is the youngest climber in the world to reach the top of 11 peaks above 8000 meters. He did this by reaching the top of Annapurna 1.

“I’m in a good mood. I know that when you go on a journey, you have to be ready for hard times. I hope to reach my goal before the end of the year,” he said.

If that happens, he will be the youngest climber to have reached the top of all peaks above 8,000 meters.