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Sheikh Rasheed is chastised by the IHC for filing a political petition.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) expressed its unhappiness on Tuesday with a political petition submitted by former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed, threatening an exemplary fine if such a frivolous case is brought to court again.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed claimed that the nomination of 72 cabinet members in the IHC violated Article 92(1) of the Constitution.According to the petition, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s cabinet consists of 72 individuals, including 34 federal ministers, seven state ministers, four advisers, and 27 special assistants.

He had asked the court to stay the appointments of the Prime Minister’s aides that exceeded the permitted limit.IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah took up the case today (Tuesday) and chastised the petitioner for “disrespecting” parliament, stating such behaviour has harmed the forum.

Sheikh Rasheed’s counsel responded by saying that the IHC is their only option.”There has been much too much disrespect for Parliament, and such a petition should not be presented before the court again.”The top justice of the International Court of Justice stated that elected members are in parliament and that the court will not interfere with its operations.

“Did the petitioner disclose a list of special aides and advisers while in government?” he inquired.IHC CJ Minallah questioned Sheikh Rasheed on his visits to Adiala Jail while he was the interior minister. “You have no idea what’s going on over there.”

“Sheikh sahab, we respect you and do not denigrate parliament,” the IHC CJ stated, adding that the court respects parliament as well and does not interfere in the affairs of the administration.”You can come to us if your fundamental rights are violated, but not in this way.”

According to the IHC CJ, this is a frivolous petition, and the court may have issued a fine but chose not to this time.CJ Minallah of the IHC recommended Sheikh Rasheed to return to parliament and pursue his case because it is the most powerful venue.

“Because Parliament holds the government accountable, why are you dragging the courts into this?” “We respect you and will keep the court out of political matters,” he stated.

In response, the former minister requested that the petition be withdrawn. The IHC CJ, on the other hand, responded that an order will be issued.