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Soon, genetically engineered purple tomatoes will be available in the US

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has finally authorised a nutritionally improved purple tomato after more than ten years of study and development.

According to New Atlas, the gene-edited tomatoes can produce up to ten times as many antioxidants as other types.In 2008, a study covered the possibility of creating a tomato variety with increased anthocyanin production by gene editing.

Many fruits and vegetables, like red cabbage and blueberries, naturally contain these. These foods have a purple hue because of them. In addition to having the same colour, they also lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

By using genes from a snapdragon plant, researchers were able to increase the amount of anthocyanin in the fruit with a few genetic modifications.Researchers fed the gene-edited fruit to mice designed to develop cancer in 2008 to assess the fruit’s potential health advantages. The anthocyanin-boosted tomato-fed mice had 30% longer lifespans than the other mice.

The initiative was dubbed the first instance of metabolic engineering offering to boost health through nutrition by plant biologist Cathie Martin.And without a doubt the first instance of a GMO (genetically modified organism) with a characteristic that actually offers a potential benefit for all customers.

After receiving USDA approval, the tomato will soon be available on the market. It has been given the all-clear and can be cultivated wherever crops are allowed in the US.

When they began working on the purple tomato 15 years ago, Jonathan Jones, the co-founder of Norwich Plant Sciences, said that he and Cathie never anticipated that the regulatory approval would take so long.

With this clearance, the US becomes the first nation to ever permit the production of genetically modified goods.The founders predict that the UK will be the next country to approve.