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Soon, WhatsApp users will be able to report group chats.

Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, is working on a new tool that will let users report messages to group admins.

The website for tracking apps says that a new feature called “admin review” is being made and will be added to the app in a future update.

The tool that lets beta testers report messages is not ready yet.

WhatsApp is working on new tools that will help people in charge of groups run them better. In this new update, users will be able to tell the group admin about individual messages.

“When a group member reports a message, it will be sent to the admin for review, and the admin can choose to delete the message for everyone in the group if they think it is inappropriate or breaks the group’s rules,” said WaBetaInfo.

— WaBetaInfo — In the future, WaBetaInfo users will be able to find this new choice in the group settings section. But only group admins will be able to turn on this feature because it is in the group settings screen.

Also, only admins will be able to see the messages that have been reported in a new area of the app that is part of the group’s information.

Members of the group will be able to decide what should be shared in the group and what shouldn’t be. If someone sees something offensive or inappropriate, they can report it to the admin when he or she is online so that the text can be removed.

This would make sure that everyone feels safe.