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Steve Jobs’ daughter uses a humorous meme to make fun of the recently released iPhone 14.

Due to the similarities between the new iPhone 14 series and the iPhone 13 that it is based on, Apple unveiled it on Wednesday.One of the first to join the bandwagon and publish a meme ridiculing the new iPhone model was former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ daughter.

Eve Jobs posted a meme on Instagram depicting a man revealing his new shirt, which is identical to the one he is currently wearing.She captioned the photo, “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.”

As soon as the image was posted, it quickly gained popularity online and was shared by many users.Internet users have been creating memes about the recently released model, claiming that it looks exactly like the prior one.

The new model has a crash-detection feature, an adventure-focused Ultra Watch, and the ability to transmit a request for help through satellite in an emergency.Both the iPhone 14 and iPhone Plus will be pre-orderable beginning on September 9 for a starting price of $799 and $899, respectively.