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‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ fans point out last-minute song swap

Fans of The Super Mario Bros. Movie were upset that one of the movie’s original songs had to be cut out to make room for A-ha’s “Take On Me.”

On Twitter, someone said that the movie Drivin’ Me Bananas got no attention.

Then, someone on Twitter changed the song that was playing in the driving scene of the movie, which was by Take On Me.

“It had to have been a last-minute decision, because this song was literally made for this scene, and there was no reason to replace it with “Take On Me” when they already had a song that fit way better,” said another user.

Other fans joined in, calling “lazy” the fact that the Mario movie’s song was made up of licensed music.

“It’s totally unnecessary when Mario has so many great songs to sample, it takes away from the tone, and it’s stupidly copycat because they use songs from famous movies,” said someone else.