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The Danish manufacturer of monkeypox vaccine expands its partnership with Canada.

Bavarian Nordic, the only laboratory producing a licenced vaccine against monkeypox, announced a revised supply agreement with Canada valued up to $470 million on Tuesday.

The arrangement with Canada’s public health ministry is worth approximately $234 million, with an additional $180 million in contract options for extra doses over a 10-year period, according to a company statement.

A multi-year agreement worth up to $20 million was also struck with the country’s defence ministry.The agreement extends a $56 million arrangement struck in June with Canada.According to Bavarian Nordic, the majority of the dosages will be supplied in 2023.

The vaccine, known as Jynneos in the United States, Imvanex in Europe, and Imvamune in Canada, protects against smallpox, a fatal illness that was eradicated in 1980 and is now used against monkeypox.

As of September 19, there were 61,753 confirmed cases and 23 linked deaths in more than 100 countries, the vast majority of which were in Europe and North America, according to WHO data.

However, the number of new daily cases has been decreasing since mid-August.

Monkeypox is rarely fatal, although it causes fever, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, chills, tiredness, and a chickenpox-like rash on the hands and face.

WHO has warned against stigmatising persons who have been infected, emphasising that the disease can strike anyone.