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The internet criticises the world’s most costly trash bag.

Twitter users are reacting angrily to a Balenciaga “trash pouch” after the firm announced that the trash bag is for sale for Indian rupees 1.4 lakh ($1,790). Balenciaga’s Winter 22 Collection fashion show included the trash bag.

The bag is constructed of calfskin leather with a shiny finish. It’s available in black, white, blue, and yellow, and it even features drawstrings to keep the bag closed. “I couldn’t pass up the chance to create the most expensive garbage bag in the world, since who doesn’t enjoy a good fashion scandal?” At the time,

Balenciaga’s creative director told Women’s Wear Daily.The stylish trash bag, on the other hand, did not delight internet users. “If you’re walking around with a $1,700 Balenciaga garbage bag, I’ll send some men I know to rob you,” one person joked.

“The next time someone refers to me as a garbage bag, I’m going to think they’re referring to the Balenciaga stuff.” “another piece of writing “I believe that designer fashion is a terrible societal experiment.” “another person commented