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The number of kidney patients in Pakistan has reached 17.5 million

Unnatural lifestyle, high blood pressure and diabetes diseases have become major causes of increase in kidney diseases, with the number of people suffering from various kidney diseases in the country reaching an estimated 17.5 million. According to WHO, the number of patients suffering from kidney diseases worldwide is between 85 and 90 crore, so the number in our country is more or less 17.5 million. We have an increase in the number of patients from 15 to 20 per cent per annum which is a very dangerous situation. It is said that the main reasons for the increase in the number of kidney patients include diabetes, unnatural lifestyle, improper diet, high blood pressure, heart and blood diseases, obesity and tendency to get treatment from the atais. Unfortunately, despite the rapid increase in the number of kidney patients, our country has very few proper treatment facilities. In this situation, the tendency to donate organs also needs to be promoted.