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The statement of Nobel laureates urges action against internet misinformation

The threat that technology poses to democracy by enabling online misinformation, hate speech, and abuse has prompted a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners to urge governments to act immediately.

Dmitry Muratov and Maria Ressa, campaigning journalists and 2021 Nobel laureates, prepared a 10-point manifesto that they delivered in Oslo on Friday.

The group cited corporate strategies as weakening technology’s potentially destructive potential and warned about the “existential threat” to democracy.According to reports, Meta is creating a special customer support team just for people whose accounts have been suspended.

The “Big Tech business model was concentrated on gathering people’s data and attention,” according to the proposal. It was also said that these methods “polarised debate in society and political life” and harmed journalism.

The plan received support from eight additional Nobel laureates. It was delivered at a conference on free speech held at the Nobel Peace Center in Norway.The demand to stop the “surveillance-for-profit” business model was one of three demands. The strategy pushed newsrooms and governments to support independent journalism.

The group came up with six ideas for the European Union. One of them was “enforcing” tech businesses to make sure that misinformation was eliminated. They also requested the UN to take action to safeguard and defend journalists.