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This year, K2 Airways of Pakistan plans to start flying.

K2 Airways will be the first private airline to use Embraer E-Jets for commercial flights in the country. According to a statement released by the new airline company on Friday, the company is almost ready to start flying.

In a statement, the airline was said to be backed by “successful Pakistani businessmen and professionals based in the UAE who have an amazing passion for aviation.”

The airline plans to use two Embraer E-190 planes to fly to certain domestic destinations by the end of this year, the statement said.

The airliner’s goal is to connect “under-used” and “smaller airports” in Pakistan with Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore to make travel easier for people in Pakistan, according to a statement.

Its goal is to close the gap by giving travellers “flexibility” in choosing the right airport within the catchment area, according to a statement. The airline can also act as a feeder carrier for existing domestic carriers to help them run their businesses.

In the statement, the company said that it has a well-thought-out plan to change and diversify the way passengers travel through the Embraer E-Jets cabin experience, which is based on 2+2 row seating with plenty of leg room. This will become clear in the coming days.

The businessmen and professionals who are backing the airline think that the team should “use modern automation tools and gather young and dynamic professionals” to make a strong, technologically appropriate, and digitally enabled aviation entity in Pakistan.

Sarah Khoso, K2 Airways’ Senior Manager of Commercial, told in response to a question that the Embraer E190 aircraft will be used because it has the “right capacity” for the domestic market.

She also said that most of the current players focus on trunk routes, while K2 has a good plan to connect smaller cities to bigger ones, making it easier to fly within Pakistan.

Pakistan is getting a new type of plane for the first time in decades. She went on to say, “We hope that the Embraer E190 will become popular because it has a large cabin and comfortable seats with no middle seat.”

Khoso also said that K2 Airways wants to grow its markets, serve as many airports as possible, and try as hard as it can to make schedules work for the average person.